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LOOM services

Advising and Consulting

We help you manage your event by using diagnostic sustainability studies to identify and implement opportunities for improvement.

Implementation and internal audit: ISO 20121, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISo 45001 i EMAS.

Project and subsidy management (European, state, local).

Obtaining and certification of distinctive, eco-labels and awards.

Optimization of key processes to reduce the consumption of resources.

Calculation and compensation of COemissions.

Sustainability Plans and Memories (GRI).



Involving yourself in sustainability is as important as knowing how to communicate this. LOOM works to convey this message clearly and effectively.

External communication

Videos or images with the results of implemented measures.

Press releases.

Social media.


Creation of personalised green slogan for client.

Specialised support for event communication.

Global Reporting Iniciative Report (GRI).

Internal communication

Sustainability management training and courses.

Creation of bespoke training material (guides to good practice).

Dissemination of results and projection of new sustainability goals.

Corporate events.

Product presentations.

Congresses and conferences.

Shareholder meetings.

Cultural and artistic events.

Concerts and music festivals.

Fashion events and photo shoots.

Sporting events.

Private festivities.

Event Production

We coordinate and produce all manner of corporate, cultural and private events to transform them into sustainable experiences.

Obtainment and certification of official marks such as Ecolabel, ....

Adaptation to the new ISO14001 and ISO 9001.

Waste Management.

Energy management, ISO 50001.

Sustainable events.

Sustainable marketing.

Carbon footprint.



Demonstrate your involvement with sustainability by obtaining ecolabels, certifications or offsetting your CO2 emissions.
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